About fit60

Fit60 is a bespoke 60 Days fitness program professionally developed by Mukti Gautam & Team. Tailored with beginners in mind, it will teach you how to establish a Routine, fix up your Nutrition, track your Progress, and Level-up your Efforts. But most importantly, it will equip you with the Knowledge And Clarity needed to lead an Active & Healthy Lifestyle long after you've completed the program.


The winner will get INR 50,000/- cash price and Gift Hampers. 1st Runner Up will Win a Cash price of 20,000/- and Gift Hampers. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th runner up will win INR 10,000/ as price money.

Steps to follow to make sure you win.


2. Follow diet and workout plans given to you properly.

3. Submit your Check-In form on time with photographs of the transformation.

NOTE: All your information should be authentic, any person providing false information will be excluded from the programme immediately and no refund will be provided.

frequently asked questions

Q. What's the duration of the program?

A. The duration of the program is 60 days.

Q. Who is eligible for the program?

A. Everyone is welcome to join the program. Should be 16+ and have the motivation to transform themselves.

Q. Will the diet/workout plan be customized according to our needs?

A. Yes!! All the diet and workout plans will be customized according to your lifestyle.

You will be updated every 2 weeks and changes will be made accordingly.

Q. Can we join if we don't go to the gym?

A. Yes, your home workout needs will be taken care of. All home workouts are recorded by Mukti Gautam and you will have videos of all the workouts.

Q. How will the winner be chosen?

A. The winner will be the one with the best results and the most consistent performance throughout the program.

Q. What's the registration fee for the transformation program?

A. The registration fee for the program is INR 10,000/-. It is a very convenient and life-changing program and you will have access to a lot of information and will learn how to live a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Q. Will there be a check-in between the program?

A. There will be a check-in after every 2 weeks and you will be in touch with Mukti Gautam and the team on our Email muktigautamfit60@gmail.com


Q. How do we register for the program?

A. You can register on the website mgfit60.com after the registration starts.

Q. How can we contact you if we have queries?

A. You can drop an email at muktigautamfit60@gmail.com for any queries during the program. Our team will get back to you asap.

Q. After how long will our result be visible?

A. It is a lifestyle program. If you continue to eat healthy and workout regularly. You will be fit and healthy for a lifetime

Q. Will there be any online sessions with Mukti Gautam?

A. Yes, you will be having an Online Session with MUKTI GAUTAM EVERY 2 WEEKS. 

Q. How we will get our diet and workout plan after we enroll in the program?

A. You will be updated on your Email Id's after you enroll for the program.

Q. Will there be any instruction given with the workouts?

A. You will be given instructional videos by Mukti Gautam with all the Home Workouts.

Q. What things do we need in advance so that we don't have any issues during the program?

A. You will need a Digital weighing scale to measure the food. And NOTHING ELSE!!